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Melissa Manion is the first person I call in Connecticut when I’m looking for someone to deliver a pro-life message with conviction and compassion. Melissa shares her testimony of healing after abortion with empathy and understanding. She draws the audience in to her life, connecting their hearts to hers as she vulnerably discloses the ups and downs of her journey.


The compassion Melissa exudes is present whether she’s behind a microphone on a stage or sitting one on one with a pregnant woman in crisis. Melissa cares about women, children and families and it’s evident in her speech and actions.


I’ve watched Melissa testify before state officials, debate on a national television station and speak to audiences eager to hear her story. I’ve seen her on the streets praying and reaching out to pregnant women in crisis. She’s the one you want to have on your show, at your event and (if you’re blessed enough) in your life.

Christina Bennett

Live Action


Melissa Manion is a modern day Esther! Called for such a time as this, Melissa eloquently articulates her story in a way that is both compelling and strong, yet gentle and compassionate. Melissa “walks” you through the experience as if  you are right there; and leading you to a place of freedom. 

Pastor Denya C. McGee

Abba's House International Fellowship

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Melissa Manion is a profound voice for human life in its most defenseless form. She brings her own story to bear on the issue of life. Her strength, Christian commitment, courage and intelligence comes through in her writing and public speaking.

Marty Heiser

The Marty Heiser Show


Melissa is brave, kind, and transparent. I work for a women’s medical clinic that hosts a podcast and had the privilege of hosting a conversation with Melissa. She held nothing back as she shared her story of choosing abortion and the hurt and healing that followed. I know that God is going to use her and her story to help bring hope and healing to others. Thank you, Melissa for being so candid, kind, and courageous!

Whitney Scott Shortt

Piedmont Women's Center 

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Melissa was real, heartfelt and had our attention the entire time.  She has a powerful testimony and God is using her to help the church! 

Pastor James Turney

One Church

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